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Sunday 18 July: Arrival

16:00-22:00 [Thaersaal Atrium]: Welcome/Check-in
20:30-21:20 [Room H7]: Film: "The End of Suburbia" (free screening sponsored by the Post Carbon Institute)

Monday 19 July: Opening day

9:45-10:15 [Room H7]: Morning meeting (welcome, schedule overview, announcements, etc.)
10:30-12:30 [Room H7]: Presentations of conference participants and their work (Part I)
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:45 [Room H7]: Presentations of conference participants and their work (Part II)
15:00-16:00: Presentations
[Room H11]: "The Principles of Carfree Urban Design" (J.H. Crawford - author, Carfree Cities)
[Room H6]: "Structuring Car Culture: Driving within Social and Spatial Arrangements" (Maya Ruggles - University of Windsor, Canada)
[Room H2] "The Impossibility of a Balanced Transportation System" (Randall Ghent - World Carfree Network, Czech Republic)
16:00-16:30: Break/refreshments
16:30-17:30: Presentations
17:30-18:30: Presentations
[Room H11]: "Hypermobility: Further Thoughts" (John Adams - University College London)
[Room H6]: "On the right track? Environment and Transport in the new Europe" (Viviane Raddatz, BUND/FoE Germany)
[Room H2]: "Towards the Carfee City - The Situation in Belgium" (Paul de Neyer, Ecotopie)
19:00-20:00: Dinner
20:30-21:15 [Room H7]: Slideshow: "Lamma: A Carfree Chinese Island" (Diane Huntoon - Lamma Island, Hong Kong resident)

Tuesday 20 July: Keynote presentations
[all events except Cultural Exchange Evening in Room H10]

10:00-10:30: Press conference
11:00-11:30: Welcome address (Claudia Hämmerling, Green Party of Berlin)
11:30-11:45: Introduction to conference theme and speakers
11:45-12:30: "Europe's Carfree Residential Developments" (James Kushner - Professor of Urban Planning Law, Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles)
12:30-13:15: "Carfree Living in Hamburg-Barmbek" (Karsten Wagner - initiator of Germany's first carfree district). Details here (German only).
13:15-13:45: Lunch break
13:45-14:30: "Ecocities: Cities for People and Nature, Not Cars" (Richard Register, Ecocity Builders)
14:30-15:15: "London's Congestion Charge: A Model for Europe" (Derek Turner - former Managing Director of Transport for London Street Management)
15:15-16:00: "The Future of European Carfree Day and Mobility Week" (Erika Jangen - European Commission, "In Town, Without My Car!" / European Mobility Week programme)
16:00-16:45: "What Berlin Could Have: Carfree Quarter on the Panke" (Markus Heller - architect, Autofrei Wohnen, Berlin)
16:45: Closing remarks
17:00-17:45: Reception, with refreshments
19:00-20:00: Dinner
20:30-23:00 [Flora-Soft Café]: Cultural Exchange Evening - Bring food, drink, or music from your country to share

Wednesday 21 July: Learning from successful initiatives

9:45-10:45: Presentations
[Room H11]: "Less Car Traffic through New Town Planning Concepts: The Model District Freiburg-Vauban" (Claudia Nobis - Institute for Transportation Research, Berlin)
[Room H2]: "Carfree Urban Tourism and Green Traffic Routes in the City" (Angela Jain - Agricultural Faculty, Humboldt University, Berlin)
[Room H6]: "Car Sharing in Europe" (Willi Loose - Institute for Applied Ecology, Freiburg; representative of CarSharing Agency)
11:00-12:30: Workshops
[Room H2]: "Existing Carfree Housing Projects" (James Kushner - Professor of Urban Planning Law, Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles; Willi Loose - Institute for Applied Ecology, Freiburg; Jan Scheurer - RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia)
[Room H11]: "Carfree Day Organising Strategy, Part I" (Erika Jangen - European Commission "In Town, Without My Car!"/European Mobility Week programme; Dominika Zareba - Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation, Krakow)
[Room H6]: "Children's Mobility Education" (Heidemarie Arnhold, Working Circle for New Education; Nicola Moczek, PSY:PLAN)
12:30-13:30: Lunch
12:30-13:30: [Room H13] ITDP Europe Lunchtime Launch: Offers an introduction to the newly institutionalised European section of the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy. ITDP Europe's first public event. Includes refreshments.
13:30-15:00: Workshops
[Room H2]: "How to Set Up a New Carfree Housing Project" (Karsten Wagner - Hamburg Saarlandstrasse; Markus Heller - Autofreies Wohnviertel an der Panke; Oscar Reutter - Wuppertal Institute)
[Room H11]: "Carfree Day Organising Strategy, Part II" (Annette Egetoft - City of Copenhagen; Hanns-Uve Schwedler - European Academy of the Urban Environment; Benjy Barnhart - Green City)
[Room H6]: "Greenways - Intercity Corridors for Non-Motorised Transport and Eco-Tourism" (Dominika Zareba - Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation; Gilbert Perrin - European Greenways Association; Todd Edelman - Cycling and Energy Futures, Prague)
15:00-15:30: Break/refreshments
15:30-17:00: Workshops
[Room H2]: "A Gendered View on Automobility" (Deike Peters - ITDP Europe; Kerry Hamilton, University of East London)
[Room H11]: "New Developments in Africa and Asia" (Lloyd Wright, University College London; Manfred Breithaupt - GTZ, German Overseas Development Agency; Jürgen Heyen-Perschon - ITDP Europe; Walter Hook - ITDP)
[Room H6]: "New Mobility Services: Bicycle Stations, Mobility Agencies, Call-A-Bike and Velotaxi" (Tilmann Heuser - BUND; Anselm Franz - kfpn project network; Felix Beutler - Assistant to German Green Party in Parliament for Infrastructure; Georg Hundt, Bicycle Station Münster)
17:15-18:00 [Room H7]: "Carfree or Not: The Subtle Dangers of Designed Spaces" (Sajay Samuel - PUDEL)
Followed (18:00-19:00) by "Urban Design, Management and Planning vs. Vernacular Settlement Patterns": a debate with Sajay Samuel, PUDEL; J.H. Crawford, author of Carfree Cities; Michael Herrmann, Senior Lecturer in 'Design for Sustainability' at the School of Art, Architecture & Design, Leeds Metropolitan University; and Richard Brett, Lecturer in 'Ecodesign' at Goldsmith's University College, University of London.
19:00-20:00: Dinner
20:30 [Room H7]: Video Night

Thursday 22 July: On-site visits to innovative projects

NOTE: For all tours on this day, participants will have the option of using Call-A-Bike bicycles free of charge, sponsored by DB Rent. The Berlin company kfpn project network will provide each tour group with an English-speaking specialist for all questions regarding the Call-A-Bike system.

9:45-10:15 [Room H7]: Morning meeting (schedule overview, announcements, etc.)
10:30-12:30: Morning Tours
a. "'Jugendstrasse' ('Youth Street') in Neukoelln" with Susanne Dähner and Michael Walther (confirmed). English summary here, german summary here and web link at www.fusionstreet.com and www.jugendstrasse-berlin.de (both in German).
b. "Traffic Calming in B.-Schöneberg: 'Crellekiez'": Traffic calming concept with diagonal barriers in street crossings (low-cost type as provisional or quickly realisable solution); guided by Norbert Rheinlaender from BI Westtangente and Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin.
c. "The Work Stations of Call-A-Bike and Velotaxi": Guided tour to the heart of Call-A-Bike and Velotaxi, with staff members of kfpn project network.
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30-16:00: Afternoon Tours
a. "The Pedestrian Zones of Berlin-Mitte": Guided tour of Pariser Platz, Alexanderplatz, Nicolaiviertel and Swinemuender Strasse with staff members of BUND (Friends of the Earth) Berlin. Details in German here; English summary here. Link to BUND Berlin here.
b. "Traffic Calming in B.-Kreuzberg: 'Graefekiez'": Traffic calming concept with narrowed streets (more expansive type with construction solutions); guided by Norbert Rheinlaender of BI Westtangente.
10:30-16:00: All-Day Tours (with bag lunch included)
a. "Berlin's Optically Carfree Quarters" with Markus Heller, architect. Guided tour to 'Woltmannweg-Siedlung' in B.-Steglitz, 'Eco-Quarter Berliner Strasse/Colmarer Weg' in B.-Zehlendorf and 'Riemanns Hofgarten' in B.-Kreuzberg. Details in English here.
b. "The Berlin Wall Greenway - By Bike" with members of the Berlin section of the Green Party. The tour includes a visit to an urban organic farm (english explanation of that farm idea).
16:00-19:00: Free time
19:00-20:00: Dinner

Friday 23 July: World Carfree Network AGM (Annual General Meeting) [Room H7]

9:45-10:15: General discussion on World Carfree Network's development
10:15-11:30: Small working-group discussions on specific aspects of World Carfree Network's development
a. Member Organisations and Active Individuals (approval of provisional Member Organisations, etc.)
b. International Coordination Centre (review of current and future projects, etc.)
c. Charter and Statutes (proposed changes, etc.)
d. Long-term direction
e. Steering Committee and Advisory Board (approval of nominees, etc.)
11:30-12:00: Report-backs from working groups
12:00-13:00: Discussion and decisions based on conclusions of working groups
13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00-15:30: Small working-group discussions on World Carfree Network projects (proposed and current)
a. Carfree Ecovillage Project (coordinator: TBA)
b. Carfree Institute Project (coordinator: J.H. Crawford)]
c. Worldcarfree.net (coordinator: Stephan von Pohl)
d. Car Busters Magazine (coordinators: Tanja Eskola, Steven Logan)
e. World Carfree Day(s)
f. New Project Planning and Fundraising (coordinator: Arie Farnam)
15:30-16:00: Report-backs from working groups
16:00-16:45: Discussion and decisions based on conclusions of working groups
17:00-18:30: Ratification of final decisions
19:00-20:00: Dinner
20:30 [location: Foyer Audimax, Humboldt University Berlin, Unter den Linden 6/Dorotheenstrasse 17, Ostflügel/east wing, 1.OG]: Conference closing party

Saturday 24 July: Wrap-up

9:45-10:15 [Room H11]: Morning meeting (review of the week and its results, closing words, thank-you's, overview of intended follow-up)
11:00-12:30: Conference evaluation
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30-17:00: Excursion to nearby lake w/ swimming option; goodbyes

Video Workshop [Location: Kastanienallee 82, Prenzlauer Berg district]
13:30-19:00: The creators of the AK Kraak videomagazine will give a workshop on documentary filmmaking. Topics include camera work, filming, and editing. (Participation limited to eight people.)

Sunday 25 July: Post-conference full-day excursion to Lübbenau/Spreewald (optional)

Wonderful landscape with hundreds of little rivers in a forest. There is a little village called Lehde where most houses are only accessible by ship, so it is nearly carfree. Swimming should be possible. Info here (in English, German and Polish). Note: As this day is not officially part of the conference, individuals must cover transport, food and any other expenses incurred on this day. For those not wanting to go to Spreewald, this is a good day for self-organised tourism in Berlin.
9:45: Departure from Humboldt University
19:00: Return to Berlin

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