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The Towards Carfree Cities IV conference and carfree topics in general were widely covered in German newspapers, radio and on the internet. One unhappy coincidence was the fact that co-organiser Markus Heller's carfree project "Autofreies Stadtviertel an der Panke" was shot down by the Berlin Senate during the conference, in favour of giving the site to the Bundesnachrichtendienst, the German CIA. (More information at "Carfree Quarter At The Panke: Project description - Summary > Planning conditions: legislation concerning the site, political situation & current state".)

World Carfree Network released two press releases prior to the conference:

  • "The world's urban planners and NGOs meet in Berlin to conceive cities without cars"
  • "Towards Carfree Cities IV Conference lands in Berlin"

The following media outlets (most in German) reported on "Towards Carfree Cities" conference:

The following reports appeared about the "Autofreie Stadtviertel an der Panke" (all in German):

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