Towards Carfree Cities IV

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Towards Carfree Cities IV (held from July 19-24, 2004 at Humboldt University in Berlin) was a big success and very well attended, with 180 participants from four continents. We would like to thank everyone for their participation.

Facts, data, information:

Special thanks to:

  • The Humboldt University Student Union, especially Torben Reelfs, for finding us the conference facilities and accommodation space, and for organising the closing party, among other things.

  • Markus Heller and Jason Kirkpatrick, for all their organisational work, plus all the helpful volunteers who donated their time, laptop computers, or digital projectors for the cause - notably Lucy Carew-Reid, Gabrielle Hermann, Jiri Jerabek, and Carlos Fehr.

  • Green Horizon magazine of the Regional Environmental Centre, for providing free advertising coverage in their publication.

  • BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), and Per Pedes for the use of their facilities and offices.

Conference sponsors: 1

Boell Berlin | Czech-German Fund for the Future | BSOe | Call-a-Bike | Student Union HU | Autofrei Wohnen | BUND | GREEN HORIZON

Other conference partners: 2

Greencity | autofrei leben! | UMKEHR | ITDP Europe | Carfree.com | UBA

1 Supporting organisations are contributing a monetary or in-kind donation to the conference with a value of 500 EUR or more.

2 Partner organisations are significantly involved in the conference programme, outreach and organisation.

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