Web projects

  • Carbusters Online continues where the former Carbusters Magazine left off - it's a powerful online tool for those who feel that our urban environments need to be and should be more sustainable and carfree. It is a space to share information and discuss issues relevant to eliminating car dependency, explore alternatives and to celebrate carfree living. We post fresh blog posts, articles, videos, news, ideas and facts from all over the world.
    project coordinator: Marko Thull -
  • World Carfree News is a monthly e-bulletin sent out to over 4,000 people, in seven separate language versions: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. We will begin translations in Hungarian, Turkish and Russian language when we have enough people interested in receiving them. Every bulletin is packed full of the latest news and announcements from the carfree movement.
    project coordinator: Justin Hyatt -
  • The [carfree_network] discussion list is dedicated to discussing and organising current and future projects of World Carfree Network and the global carfree movement.
    List manager: Simon Field -
  • Our Carfree Green Pages features profiles of over 550 groups working on alternative transport and related issues. The directory allows groups to register and update their own listings. If your group is listed in the directory, please help us advertise by placing a Carfree Green Pages banner on your website.
    project coordinator: Steering Committee -
  • Social Networking on Facebook: the purpose of the Facebook fan pages is to create a more vital marketing tool for our organisation and our projects: to create a snowball effect of engaging more people in our activities through the sharing functions Facebook offers, with friends bringing in more friends etc. They are also a good tool to communicate using audiovisual tools and promote events such as World Carfree Day, news such as the bulletin, Carbusters Online and materials from the Resource Centre to a wider audience.
    Worldcarfree Network Fan page
    Carbusters Online Fan page
    World Carfree Day Fan Page
    project coordinator: Steering Committee -
  • Multilingualism project: we are currently expanding the website to include translations of key pages into as many languages as possible. At the same time we are expanding the World Carfree News monthly e-bulletin to exist in more languages. On the project page you may see how many languages have already been translated into, or are in the process of being translated. If you would like to help us with translations, let us know. Viva multilingua!
    project coordinator: Steering Committee -
  • The World Carfree Day (WCD) programme provides promotion and resources on carfree days, centred around an annual September 22 event. We encourage local organisers to hold carfree days on additional or alternative dates, according to cultural factors and geographical conditions.
    Register YOUR EVENT in the new WCD-Wiki: http://editthis.info/wcd
    project coordinator: Steering Committee -
  • The WCN YouTube channel is a free-to-view collection of carfree-related videos. It also acts as a promotional page for the network.
    project coordinator: Steering Committee -

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 This page was last updated 17 July 2012