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Below is a list of some of the most internationally relevant discussion lists, starting with our own but including those run by other organisations. It is not possible to be comprehensive here, but if you know of a listserv that should be included on this page, please send all the list details to .


Host organisation: World Carfree Network

Description: The official listserv of World Carfree Network (WCN). This list is dedicated to discussing/organising current and future projects of the network and the global carfree movement (not for general news postings and the like).

Anyone interested in contributing to this work is very welcome to join the list. Those interested in getting more involved in World Carfree Network are especially encouraged to join.

Anyone who just wants to receive a monthly news bulletin should sign up at www.worldcarfree.net/bulletin/.

  • subscribe:   Please visit http://groups.google.com/group/carfree_network/subscribe - remember to add a few words about yourself in the box - or send an e-mail to Simon Field, member of the network`s Steering Committee (SC) and list facilitator, explaining why you want to join the list:
  • unsubscribe:  
  • post message:  
  • website:   http://groups.google.com/group/carfree_network/

List guidelines:

A. Introduction:

In order to encourage communication among individuals and organisations active in the carfree movement and specifically World Carfree Network, this list is dedicated to practical information sharing, discussion and informal decision-making on projects and general development of the movement. Welcome are messages with news, thoughts, or strategy on existing or proposed projects of the carfree movement. For example, the list can be used by people around the world who are organising carfree day events and want to share ideas and experience. Or someone with a project idea can contact the list to seek feedback or collaboration. Occasional news postings on what a particular organisation in the movement has been doing are also appreciated.

When you write to the list, please put a headline in the subject field that summarizes the topic, and try to make sure that the first sentence or two of the message indicates clearly what the message is about.

Use simple English, because many members are not native speakers. Try to avoid using acronyms (AB, ICC, IMHO, SC).

Please include sources and full URLs (website links) where available.

Be aware of cultural differences – WCN is a global network. Avoid jokes and phrases which may lead to misunderstandings in other cultural zones. Use your judgement, and read about cultural differences in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intercultural_competence and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_diversity.

If you post a request which you suspect will generate a lot of responses, offer to take the responses individually (off-list), then summarise them and post the summary to the whole group.

Do not under any circumstances set up an ‘out of office’ automatic reply for the e-mail account on which you are subscribed; it would result in the sender of the previous message receiving junk mail from you. You will be removed from the list if you do this.

To change the way you receive messages:

1. Go to http://groups.google.com/group/carfree_network/.
2. Click on "Sign-in".
3. Enter your e-mail and password. If you can't remember it, ask for a reminder.
4. Click on "Edit my membership" and select the method you prefer.
5. Save your changes.

B. Replying to messages

Before you reply to a message, read as much of the thread as you can. Maybe someone has already answered the question or expressed your thought.

When responding to another posting, do not include all the text of the previous message in your reply. Also, be aware that the list's default setting is now ‘reply to sender’, meaning that when you hit ‘reply’ on a message sent by an individual list member, your reply will go only to the sender. So you must change the ‘to:’ field to send a message to the list.

Do not change the subject line if your message directly responds to the original post. This is called a thread, and it allows readers to filter messages. By replying, rather than composing a new message, your message will stay in the same thread for easy viewing in the Google Groups archive. However, if you are wandering from the original topic, start a new thread with appropriate subject line.

If your posting is a reply useful mainly to the person who sent an earlier message, please send your message ‘off-list’ to the person concerned. When doing so, add ‘OFF-LIST’ to the beginning of the subject header. Double-check before sending to ensure that is not in the recipients list.

C. What you should NOT send

While we don't want to stifle communication, it's important for list members to respect other people's time, and consider what will be useful to other list members. Here are some guidelines for what should not be sent to the list:

  • This list is for discussing ideas, not individuals. Discussion must be based on mutual respect. Personal attacks or negative remarks about list members ('flaming') will not be tolerated. Those who violate this rule will be removed from the list. The facilitator may choose to give the 'flamer' a warning after the first incident.
  • Postings about the function (or dysfunction) of various aspects of the World Carfree Network organization should be posted in members-only areas. The "wcn-intern" forum - http://groups.google.com/group/wcn-intern - has been created for such discussions. If the issue involves specific individuals, attempt to resolve them off-line to the extent feasible.
  • Advertisements for commercially available goods and services will be regarded as unsolicited e-mail (spam) and are not permitted.
  • We do not accept any statements that can be interpreted as advocating violence or damage to property.
  • Please send internationally relevant postings rather than strictly local information. Sometimes local information can be useful to people all over the world, so use your judgment.
  • Do not send attachments to the list. You may upload attachments to our Google Groups site - http://groups.google.com/group/carfree_network/files - then notify members via the website or by including a link within your message.
  • Correspondence, especially forwarded correspondence, may be of little use to others. Please think before you send.
  • Project-specific strategic discussion is welcome, but carfree_network is not for theoretical or philosophical discussion. Instead please send it to our partner list carfree_cities, or to Lots Less Cars, if relevant there.
  • Rather than sending general news postings to the list, please send them to for inclusion in the World Carfree News e-bulletin. The e-bulletin is sent to the list once a month, usually at the beginning of the month. If you have just missed the e-bulletin deadline for submissions, you may send announcements that are both urgent and relevant to the carfree_network list directly.
  • Rather than ‘cross-posting’, it is usually better to send your message to one list rather than several lists. Otherwise lists that were intended to be distinct end up with the same, duplicated material.
  • If you find yourself sending a message very often, please try to consolidate your thoughts into fewer messages, and take a break to let others have their say.
  • It is very inconsiderate to send ‘unsubscribe’ requests to the entire list. Only you can unsubscribe yourself, by sending an e-mail to .

D. Role of WCN’s Steering Committee (SC) and list facilitators

The list moderators are commissioned by the Steering Committee (SC) of WCN to decide upon access to and guidelines for this list, subject to agreement by the SC.

Members who violate these rules may be warned, moderated or removed from the list with immediate effect.

New list members are subject to moderation.

The SC is responsible for appointing replacement moderators as necessary.

Welcome to carfree_network. Thanks for reading!

Other listservs:


Host organisation: Carfree.com

Description: A discussion forum for those interested in the carfree cities concept. Includes discussion of transport and energy issues. Companion to the presentation at Carfree.com and the newsletter Carfree Times. Only intended for discussion of personal experiences as they relate to the larger issues.


Host organisation: World Carfree Network

Description: This e-group is designed to help you along on your path to a less car-dependent life. You and other list members can share information and seek advice on ways to cut your car use or live without owning a car. You'll get all the support you need from the experts - people with long-term experience living 'car-free' or 'car-lite'. We offer our strongest encouragement and wish you the best of success!

Lots Less Cars

Host organisation: Ecoplan/The Commons

Description: Unconstrained by bureaucracy, economic interests or schedules, this is the communications forum first brought on line in 1998 in support of the World Car-Free Days Collaborative, which in July 2006 has been re-titled and expanded to give us The Lots Less Cars in Cities Idea Factory. What we are looking at here is not quite zero cars (in most places) but, let us say, many fewer cars in our cities, a more tranquil environment, and a lot more safe and happy people.

Carfree Ecovillage:

Host organisation: Décroissance

Description: We wish to explore visions of ecovillages car-free and free of car dependency and share experiences and solutions. The list would also serve as support for the practical set-up of one or more ecovillages in Europe or elsewhere. The discussion should integrate different aspects including transportation, food production, construction and energy to make it a truly carfree ecovillage.

Francais: L’idée est de rapprocher humains et nature sans se rendre dépendants de la voiture, de sortir du dilemme entre la ville et la campagne avec voiture, et choisir une 3ème voix qui ne soit pas non plus l’autarcie fermée vécue par nos ancêtres.


Host organisation: SUSTRAN Resource Centre

Description: An e-mail discussion list devoted to people-centred, equitable and sustainable transport with a focus on developing countries (the 'Global South'). Sustran-discuss was established in 1996 by the SUSTRAN Resource Centre in Malaysia to provide information and networking services for the Sustainable Transport Action Network for Asia and the Pacific (the SUSTRAN Network). Sustran-discuss has become the main discussion forum on urban transport in developing countries.


Host organisation: Ecoplan/The Commons

Description: The shared library and communications space for The New Mobility Agenda. Unconstrained by bureaucracy, economic interests or schedules, the Agenda provides a high-quality medium for advancing and supporting original and creative ideas in world transport policy and practice, all while offering an expanding collection of communications tools for international group work and knowledge building purposes.

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