Towards Carfree Cities VII

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Istanbul, Turkey - 2007

Istanbul hosted Towards Carfree Cities VII from August 27-31, 2007. The local hosts were the Turkish Traffic Safety Association and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of World Carfree Network took place on the last day, August 31.


The conference theme "Building a Livable Future in a Changing Climate" emphasised the positive potential and urgency of addressing global climate change through the creation of high-quality, carfree human habitats. We looked at how proximity can reduce our dependence on mobility - how cities can be transformed into a compact, space-efficient urban settlement pattern in which one's daily wants and needs can be met within walking distance. We focused on how an urban environment transformed in this way can increase people's quality of life.

On another level, the theme hinted at the growing potential for change in the social and political climate. For example, walkable communities are increasingly seen as a solution to various negative global health trends, ecological building methods are rapidly gaining in popularity, and public opinion on global climate change has shifted rapidly towards universal recognition of this pressing global problem.

For more info, see the programme.


Thanks to our official conference photographer Eduardo Green, we now have an album of conference photos available online:


Here's the official conference video by Bas Ruyters:

News Coverage

Turkish Daily News - August 30, 2007
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Programme (extra page)


Accommodation (extra page)

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