Towards Carfree Cities V - Presentations

Budapest 2005 - Programme - Presentations - Press - Photos 

The following presentations are available online. Powerpoint presentations have been converted into online slideshows. Unlinked presentations are available by writing to

  • Car-free guidebook for developing cities: Manfred Breithaupt
  • Project updates from Latin American cities: Oscar Diaz
  • Boosting Bicycle Transport in Africa: David Peckham
  • Pedestrian and cycling projects in Bangkok: Manfred Breithaupts
  • Saving the Cycle Rickshaws of Bangladesh: Debra Efroymson
  • Turkish Carfree Settlements: Princess Islands in Istanbul: Kevser Ustundag
  • The City Repair Project: Converting Streets Into Public Squares in Portland, Oregon: Daniel Lerch
  • Approaching Lenders and Investors: Making the Economic/Financial Case for Carfree Development: Gus Yates
  • Passenger transport in European city centres: The success story of the electrically assisted Velotaxis from Berlin - and the many legal hurdles yet to overcome: Bettina Eichmanns
  • Greenways in Hungary: Krisztina Budai
  • The Influence of the Automobile on Housing Design in the UK: 1905-2005: Conall O'Cathain
  • Mobility Management Best Practice for Small Cities and Rural Communities: A North American Perspective: Lilia Scott
  • Parking Strategy Developments to Support Sustainable Transport Planning in Australia: Peter Johnstone
  • Bogota: Becoming the World's First Modern Carfree City: Oscar Diaz
  • Integrating non-motorized travel with mass transit: Walter Hook
  • The External Costs of Transport in Central and Eastern Europe: Max Herry
  • Direct and Indirect Transport Subsidies: The Pitfalls of Transport Policy in Hungary: Andras Lukacs
  • Least Cost Transportation Planning - Enabling Municipalities to Identify the Real Costs of Transport: Birgit Georgi
  • Groningen: policy and practice in Europe's greatest cycling city: Coor Van der Klaauw
  • Citizen Participation as a foundation of carfree design: Joel Crawford
  • The Development of Transport Policy in Berlin Since the Fall of the Wall: Michael Cramer (DOC file)
  • Debrecen: Carfree Developments and Trams in a Medium-Sized Hungarian Town: Attila Nagy
  • Debrecen: Carfree Developments and Trams in a Medium-Sized Hungarian Town: László Varga
  • Copenhagen: Before and after 40 years of public space creation (and where to go next): Lars Gemzoe
  • Car-Free Challenge: Helping Your Community to Go Carfree for Two Weeks: Renata Vailová
  • How to Organise City Repair-type Projects Locally: Sara Stout

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