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The network's Advisory Board (AB) - consisting of about 10-15 well-known, respected individuals in the carfree movement - serves to provide additional input and non-binding recommendations as needed, but not on behalf of any member organisation. There is no fixed term, but Advisory Board members are appointed and removed by decision of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The following people were selected by our Annual General Meetings in Budapest (HU) on July 23, 2005, in Tabor (CZ) on May 26, 2006, and in Istanbul (TR) on August 31, 2007 to be members of the World Carfree Network Advisory Board.

John Adams, professor of geography at University College London, was a member of the original board of directors of Friends of the Earth UK in the early 1970s and has been a participant in debates about transport planning and the management of environmental risks ever since.
He has published widely on planning, transport and risk management issues both in specialist journals and the British press, and is a frequent contributor to radio and television programmes on these subjects. His publications include "Transport Planning: Vision and Practice" (Routledge, 1981), "Risk and Freedom: The Record of Road Safety Regulation" (TPP, 1985), "Risk" (UCL Press, 1995) "The Social Implications of Hypermobility" (a report for the OECD Project on Environmentally Sustainable Transport, Paris, 1999) and (with Michael Thompson), "Taking Account of Societal Concerns about Risk" (a report for the Health and Safety Executive, 2002).

Katie Alvord is the author of "Divorce Your Car!: Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile." As an activist, she co-founded the group now known as Wildlands CPR (Center for Preventing Roads) and has worked with several other organisations including Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, Sonoma County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Sonoma County Transportation Coalition, and Urban Ecology. As a freelance writer, she has had articles appear in the Auto-Free Times, Boston Globe, E Magazine, Utne Reader, Wild Earth, and several other periodicals. A native of California, she currently lives in Michigan, USA.

J.H. Crawford is the author of "Carfree Cities" and the editor of Carfree.com and Carfree Times. Crawford was trained as a sociologist and social worker, and has held a wide variety of positions in the public and private sectors, including: public transport ombudsman for the New Jersey Department of transportation, real estate consultant, project manager for container terminal automation, and software designer.

Oscar Edmundo Diaz, MIA from Columbia University, is currently the Executive Director of the "Por el Pais que Queremos" Foundation a Non-Profit Organization founded by Enrique Penalosa (Mayor of Bogota 1998-2001). Mr. Diaz is also the Latin America Regional Director of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) a New York-based NGO that promotes environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation worldwide. With Mr. Penalosa and ITDP, Diaz has written many articles, spoken at multiple international scenarios and worked in urban mobility projects in various countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Oscar Edmundo was ITDP's Administrative Director and Special Advisor to Enrique Penalosa. Mr. Diaz orchestrated the Stockholm Challenge Prize-awarded Bogotá's first Car Free Day in 2000. Mr. Diaz was the international coordinator of the Bogota Project: Peak hours automobile restriction; Construction, improvement and recuperation of public space, Bicycle promotion as transport; and TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit system.

Annette Egetoft is advisor in the Environmental Protection Agency, City of Copenhagen. She has been working in the Department of Energy, Water and Environment in the City Hall of Copenhagen since 1993 where she worked with political strategies for reducing pollution from traffic, ecology in urban planning and environmental projects for children. For the last four years she has been responsible for planning and implementing Mobility Weeks and Carfree Days in Copenhagen. In addition, now she is working with environment and urban development in the in the Environmental Protection Agency, City of Copenhagen.

Randall Ghent co-founded Car Busters (now World Carfree Network) in 1997 in Lyon, France, while working as a coordinator of the Towards Car-Free Cities I conference. From 1998-2000, he was European Correspondent for Adbusters magazine. From 1992-1997 he was office manager of the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium/Fossil Fuels Policy Action Institute in California, where he served as office manager and editor of the Auto-Free Times.
Randall, also known as Randy, works as Towards Carfree Cities conference coordinator for WCN`s International Coordination Centre.

Markus Heller works as freelance architect in Berlin, Germany. In recent years he has worked as project director of the "Carfree Quarter at the Panke" in Berlin-Mitte. From 1995-2001 he was an independent consultant for the Green Party in the parliamentary council of the district Berlin-Mitte for "City Development, Building and Transportation." From 1997-1999 he worked as developer and controller for new trade projects of "METRO AG" in Poland. Markus was on the Steering Committee for three years before being elected to the board at the 2007 AGM in Istanbul. Markus is also the head of both World Carfree Network member organisations Autofrei Wohnen & autofrei leben! e.V. In 2004 he was a coordinator of the Towards Carfree Cities IV conference in Berlin.

Mari Jüssi has been working on transport and car-free issues since 1996, when she was studying environmental sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She currently works as a transport campaigner for Estonian Green Movement (EGM) and as a consultant with Stockholm Environment Institute - Tallinn Centre. Besides publishing, awareness raising and transport policy analyses in Estonia, she has been envolved in campaigning for better transport policy in the European Union as a board member of the European Federation for Transport and Environment.

Lake Sagaris, a writer and urban planner, is the president of Ciudad Viva (Living City) in Santiago Chile, a coalition of grassroots community organizations that succeeded in preserving several neighbourhoods from a highway project (Costanera Norte). Some of Ciudad Viva's proposals include a Citizens' Agenda for Transport, citizens'management of recylcing project, heritage protection campaigns, efforts to fight noise pollution, security issues, and promotion of bicycle use. Ciudad Viva works with leaders of the Ashoka fellowship and the Avina network, along with cyclists and other partners to build a more equal, greener and friendlier city, through better use of public space and sustainable transportation measures.

François Schneider has been an environmental researcher for ten years at institutes in France, Holland, Austria, Estonia and Portugal. Researcher at the Sustainable Europe Research Institute and at the Institute of Social and Economic Studies for a Sustainable Decrease (in the production of goods and services - sustainable décroissance). He worked on Life Cycle Assessment of products, Material Flow Analysis, sustainable consumption, transport issues, regional eco-efficiency, waste recycling and rebound effect. Co-founder of Car Busters, he is motivated by the idea of a carfree ecovillage. Living now carfree in an organic farm near a small train station, he promotes conviviality, cycling, folk dance, acorn pâté and recently crepes of Jerusalem artichokes.

Kevser Ustundag is professor in the Architectural Faculty of Mimar Sinan Fine Art University in Istanbul. She has been teaching on social, environmental and economical impacts of urban transportation planning in this university since 1992. She is author of several articles and research work in the area of sustainable urban transport, non-motorised, innovative solutions for transport planning and policies. Recently, her work has focused on social projects - improving knowledge about sustainable transport issues on mobility, accessibility, equity and livability in cities. Kevser is active in several NGOs, including Turkish Traffic Safety Association (member of executive committee), International Society of City and Regional Planners, and Suat Ayoz Traffic Victims Association. For the last tree years she has been consulting and coordinating Mobility Weeks and Carfree Days for several municipalities and NGO’s in Istanbul. She was local coordinator of Towards Carfree Cities VII in Istanbul in 2007. She also authors a quarterly bulletin and runs a weekly radio programme, Traffic and Society.

Pascal van den Noort is Executive Director of "Master Plan BV" and a member of the executive boards of Vélo Mondial and Velo.Info. He has vast experience in setting up (inter)national and global organisations, projects, conferences and events. He is in charge of operations for both Vélo Mondial and Velo.Info, organises their conferences and seminars and coordinates the setting up of and participates in research like Velo.Info, Land Use & Transport (LUTR), Urban Transport Benchmark Initiative (UTBI), Spicycles. He coordinates the Bicycle Friendly Communities Programme.
    He is also involved in research projects promoting sustainable urban development at a wider level and specialises in making information for sustainability better available to city governments and experts.

Andrew Wheeldon is managing director of the Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) and since October 2002 has also been the South African Director for the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP). BEN's main mission, in partnership with ITDP and the Interface for Cycling Expertise (I-CE), is poverty alleviation by promoting the use of the bicycle, and also enhancing low-cost, non-motorised transport, reducing greenhouse emissions and improving health by linking exercise and mobility. Successful projects include the distribution of bicycles through health care worker programs, schools and in corporate environments, and the establishment of independent bicycle dealers in disadvantaged areas.

John Whitelegg started his career as an economic development officer in the Outer Hebrides. Since then he has worked mainly at Lancaster University but also for three years as an official in the Department of Transport in Düsseldorf, Germany, as a visiting Professor of Transport at Roskilde University in Denmark and in India where he made a special study of non-motorised transport. John is the Managing Director of Eco-Logica Ltd, a transport consultancy based in Lancaster. He has two academic appointments: Professor of Sustainable Transport at Liverpool John Moores University and Professor in the Department of Biology at York University and Leader of the Implementing Sustainability Group at the Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York. He is also an invited member of the European Commission expert working group on sustainable urban transport and is Founding Editor of the journal World Transport Policy and Practice.

Lloyd Wright is currently the Executive Director of Viva, an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to assisting communities in the transformation of streets for cars into streets for people. He was formerly the Latin American Director for the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), as well as the Africa Director of the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC). He has also worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Agency for International Development, the German Technical Assistance Agency (GTZ), and the United Nations on transport and environmental issues. He is the author of many articles and books on the topic of sustainable transport and urban space, including Car-Free Development (Wright, 2005). He is currently completing work towards a PhD in Urban Planning from the Bartlett School of Planning at University College London. Lloyd possesses an MSc with Distinction in Environmental Assessement from the London School of Economics, an MBA with Honours from Georgetown University, and a BSc with Honours in Engineering from the University of Washington. He also was previously a Gakushin Fellow at Osaka University and a fellow with the US-Asia Environmental Partnership in Bangkok, Thailand

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