A Carfree Day in Irpin, Kyiv region, Ukraine

The main promoter of cycling and carfree lifestyle in Irpin is Irpinskyi velorukh Irpin town movement for cycling, an informal group established by Yuliya Makliuk and Max Bednov. After a while, Yevgen Kopot a bicycle mechanic has started a Christian cycling club, supported by local Bible Church.

The Carfree Day became an appreciable event: 56 people participated and nearly 20 media mentioned it. More people on streets found out about the Carfree movement for the first time. Local officials took active part in preparations and in participation as well. The Day was held at the 21 of September, which was also a Day of Irpin, so the main street was closed for cars.

The activists started with the official part at the main square. There were a lot of music, speeches and communication. Several different towns including Kyiv sent their representatives to the meeting. The guests drew a Carfree poster that later has been handled to Kyiv Carfree activists.

After that people went around the town within a cycling parade supported by Traffic Police and audio system playing music. Some accidental cyclists joined us during the ride. The parade was finished in a forest where a cross-country competition was to begin.

It was the action that everyone desired an Irpin Cross-Country Cup! People were divided into four groups children, women, men and men-professionals struggling for a victory. After the competition everyone received a diploma signed by the Head of Sport department.

Yuliya Makliuk, Irpinskyi velorukh Irpin town movement for cycling
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 This page was last updated 2 November 2009