World Carfree Day in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, capital of Sweden and the European Green Capital 2010 is one of the cities which don’t celebrate the World Carfree Day in any official way. This, of course, did not stop the car-free activists from KlimaxAlternativ Stad and Planka.nu who initiated a Climate Crash and made Hamngatan, a large and busy car-street in downtown Stockholm, into a pedestrian zone for one hour.

This action was of course made to celebrate the World Carfree Day, but also to put the spotlight on the fact that Stockholm has some of the most polluted streets in Europe and has actually been reported to the Court of Justice of the European Communities because of this.

The Climate Crash went very well with a part of the street cleaned from car-traffic, a few angry car-drivers, police officers telling the angry car-drivers to take the bus instead and as the grand finale: the activists shutting down the big traffic circle Sergelrondellen.

Alternativ Stad

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 This page was last updated 2 November 2009