Prague celebrates the World Carfree Day

World Carfree Network in Prague celebrated WCD twice this year. First opportunity was Prazska cyklojizda (Prague bike ride) on September 20, organised by our network member organisation Auto*Mat. The bike ride was connected with a street festival full of concerts and information stalls from different NGOs. This year's bike ride was the biggest in Czech history (5,000 participants) and the longest route ever (13,5km).

WCN and Carbusters magazine and was presented by an information stall, bicycle wheel of fortune and two hungry people wearing car eating cars. We had great fun and distributed a lot of our magazines, t-shirts and stickers.

Second celebration happened on the actual carfree day September 22. We organised a party in an underground club, which included 4 live bands, an eco-action fashion show, a juggling fire show, and presentations from several local NGOs. More then 200 people came to join the fun. Have a look at the pictures and enjoy it with us!
Lenka Kokurova, WCNE

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 This page was last updated 2 November 2009