Viennese Carfree Day Action: Rasen Am Ring 2009!

The third year in a row, IG Fahrrad organized a public happening on one of the most busy roads in Vienna's town center. The "Ringstrasse" a.k.a. "Ring" encircles the Old Town, it's taken over by 4 lanes for cars and two tram-lines while pedestrians and cyclists have to share a small alleyway, which leads to conflicts, problems and trouble. So on CFD a platform of IG Fahrrad, Greenpeace, Global 2000 and local initiatives like WUK made a demonstration of how pleasant this road could be: By banning car traffic and planting real lawn on the road, providing deck chairs, food, music, drinks and traffic-alternative-information.

Several hundred people enjoyed the piknik on the "Rasen am Ring"- "Rasen" in German means Lawn and also Fast-Driving-of-Cars - thousands were passing by and got the point: that's what a Carfree City could look like. City government, car drivers and car lobbies were not amused of seeing this happen in a week days rush hour, but we and the media were. A big success!

Alec Hager

More information: IG Fahrrad
Bicycle Film Festival.

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 This page was last updated 2 November 2009