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The European Oversight Board of the international network was composed of one European member of World Carfree Network Europe (Michal Krivohlavek) and one external person (Stephan von Pohl). It was disbanded with the dissolution of World Carfree Network Europe o.s. on 16 March 2012.

The current activities of World Carfree Network Global (a virtual network run by volunteers) are unaffected by this change.

Michal Krivohlavek is managing director of Czech NGO Auto*Mat which main focuse is to promote sustainable mobility in cities, mainly in Prague. Michal coordinates among the others Pragues Critical Mass Bike Ride which is developing from 2006 rapidly. Michal is member of Prague board for cyclists, where he pushes on introduction of cycling infrastructure in city. He also intervine to Prague`s transport network development. He studied Social Anthropology with focuse on urban life with connection to city transportation.

Languages: Czech, English

Stephan von Pohl is a former staff member of World Carfree Network. He currently lives near Prague, Czech Republic, but spent most of his life in the heartland of car culture, California, where he was active in the alternative transportation movement.
He currently works as a translator.

Languages: English, German, Czech, ...

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