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The following links are a sample taken from our Worldwide Contact Directory. Some groups may be listed under more than one category. The directory contains an even more comprehensive list of hundreds of groups working on transportation issues around the world, including links to their web-sites.

Also, please report any missing links that you come across so that we can keep this page in good working order, without which it will not be a useful resource to you.

Auto-Free Orange County
Promotes less car use and more pblic transit and walkable communities in Orange County, CA

Bundeskoordination Studentischer Íkologiearbeit (BSÍ)
Environmental network of students at German universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Car Free Housing
Web site directory of carfree developments in London on a borough by borough basis

Car-Free Russia | Rossiya Bez Mashin
A Moscow-based website and action group promoting the car-free concept in Russia.

Images and information on carfree city presented by the author of "Carfree Cities." Also features an on-line quarterly newsletter "Carfree Times."

Ecoplan International
Think tank on sustainability and urban issues; host organization for The Commons, an internet-based open forum with discussions on car-free days, car sharing and more.

Mobil ohne Auto
German carfree day website, organised by Umkehr and BSÍ (Bundeskoordination studentischer Íkologiearbeit).

Reclaim The Streets London
The infamous direct action group that developed the "street party" concept.

Road Alert!
Grassroots activists network response to the UK government's road-building schemes.

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