Past projects

Carbusters Magazine was produced quarterly by an international editorial team in Prague, Czech Republic, until May 2010. It was a 32-page print magazine critiquing our society's car culture and exploring positive alternatives. Printed in 1,500 copies, Carbusters was both an information source and a call to action, providing a full range of content from campaign skills to the latest research developments, feature articles, world news as well as some necessary comic relief.

Carbusters Online continues in the same spirit today!

Carbusters Press published two educational cartoon books (CARtoons by Andy Singer and Roadkill Bill by Ken Avidor, both now out of print), as well as the Carbusters Graphics Book, a compilation of graphics available for free nonprofit reuse by campaign groups. The Graphics Book has been expanded and released in an on-line version, now located among our 'Freesources'.


Visegrad Publications Project: Thanks to a grant from the Visegrad Fund, we translated several publications into Czech, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian. The book CARtoons by Andy Singer was released in those languages in mid-2006 and followed by The Carbusters Reader, featuring the best of Carbusters magazine (issues 1-30).
project coordinator: Radaná Tichavska -

Autoholics Anonymous, inspired by Alcoholics Anonymous and similar self-help groups, used a light-hearted approach to call attention to the UK's serious problem of car dependence. The concept focussed chiefly on getting the Autoholics Anonymous name and concept into the public consciousness (via a media-friendly AA membership campaign and an Autoholics.org website), in order to lower the image of the car relative to the alternative modes. Furthermore, a 12-step programme and associated materials provided all the tools people need to wean themselves off car dependence. This project was launched in September 2006 in the UK.
project coordinator: Randall Ghent -

The Mobility Justice Project was born at our 2005 Annual General Meeting. Its aims are to claim equal rights to public streets and public funds for those who use transport modes other than cars, to focus public attention on the most grievous costs of car-dependent transport systems, to assist cyclists, pedestrians, transit users and grassroots groups with international campaigns, and to expose undemocratic and deceitful policies used to perpetuate car dependence. Possible future campaigns include letter-writing campaigns, media outreach, information campaigns, lobbying, and systematic monitoring and publishing of mobility rights reports.

Campaigns so far have included:
  • The Save Dhaka's Rickshaws campaign was initiated in 2005 at the request of our member organisation WBB Trust. It was an international letter writing and pressure campaign that was successful in getting the World Bank to stop supporting bans of cycle rickshaws in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • The Free NYC Cyclists campaign came out of our 2005 Annual General Meeting, after network members shared information and experiences with police repression of the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides in New York City. Since November 2005, the network has had a presence of legal observers on the monthly ride. There has also been letter writing and media work associated with the project.
  • In May 2006, World Carfree Network organised a youth exchange in Tabor, Czech Republic, focused on leadership development and skills exchange among young people involved in the carfree movement.
  • In September 2006, World Carfree Network organised a youth exchange in Bogota, Colombia, focused on learning from Bogota's projects and programmes that have improved public transport, improved cycling infrastructure, built parks and public space, and reduced social exclusion.
  • In 2004, World Carfree Network coordinated the application process for the distribution of US$50,000 from a private donor. Out of nearly 50 submissions, 10 alternative transport advocacy groups worldwide each received $5,000. Similar opportunities will be sought in the future, but may be limited to network Member Organisations.

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