Mobility Justice Campaigns

The Mobility Justice Project was born at our 2005 Annual General Meeting. Its aims are to claim equal rights to public streets and public funds for those who use transport modes other than cars, to focus public attention on the most grievous costs of car-dependent transport systems, to assist cyclists, pedestrians, transit users and grassroots groups with international campaigns, and to expose undemocratic and deceitful policies used to perpetuate car dependence. Possible future campaigns include letter-writing campaigns, media outreach, information campaigns, lobbying, and systematic monitoring and publishing of mobility rights reports.

Current campaigns:
  • The Back on Track campaign was launched in December 2012 as a result of a number of negative developments on Europe's railways, not least the savage timetable cuts that have affected international travel across the Balkans. WCN is actively lobbying against existing and proposed European-level policies that contribute to the problem. An online petition aimed at Croatian Railways helped to reduce the extent of the cuts planned for the December 2012 timetable change. WCN and its partners continue to monitor the situation closely.

Previous campaigns:
  • A campaign for justice to be done following an Attack on Porto Alegre's Critical Mass Cycle Ride in 2011 was launched in support of the efforts of Brazilian members and friends of WCN. The story went 'viral' and has put pressure on the Brazilian authorities to punish the perpetrator appropriately, as well as highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists in car-oriented cities.

  • Our Save Dhaka's Rickshaws campaign was initiated in 2005 at the request of our member organisation WBB Trust. It was an international letter writing and pressure campaign that was successful in getting the World Bank to stop supporting bans of cycle rickshaws in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • The Free NYC Cyclists campaign came out of our 2005 Annual General Meeting, after network members shared information and experiences with police repression of the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides in New York City. Since November 2005, the network has had a presence of legal observers on the monthly ride. There has also been letter writing and media work associated with the project.

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 This page was last updated 12 August 2013