3E Youth Exchange

"3E" by World Carfree Network Europe A capacity building seminar for young NGO leaders to equip, encourage and to empower the youth on their rights and role as citizens in a democracy.

30 young people interested in equality, environment, urban planning and sustainable transport gathered in York, UK, for four days of workshops, seminars and discussions. The event took place on 23-26 June in York, England.

We discussed the theory of traffic power hierarchy: a structuralist way of looking at the city and the problems with cars and automobility. Participants worked in small groups to explore the city of York and at the end presented one example of the traffic power hierarchy that they found on the streets.

Please visit www.salto-youth.net/find-a-training/1700.html or send us an e-mail for information on similar events.

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 This page was last updated 27 July 2013