Towards Carfree Cities IX - Travel

York is easily accessible, just two hours from London on the train from Kings Cross station.

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Train travel from continental Europe

A wealth of information can be obtained from The Man in Seat 61. Click here for a Europe-wide rail journey planner - if travelling via Germany, look for the 'London-Special' starting from €49 (example here). Bookings open 90-120 days in advance (only 60 days for trains within/to/from Central and Eastern Europe). Eurostar trains from France and Belgium arrive at London St. Pancras station. Trains to York depart from the adjacent Kings Cross station, about a 4 minute walk away.

For flexibility InterRail may be the best option for you - remember that you need a separate Eurostar ticket, which is available at a lower price for InterRail ticket holders.

Bus travel from continental Europe

Visit Eurolines for international buses to/from London. Student Agency offers Prague-London and Budapest-London bus services.

Ferries from continental Europe

Visit Rail and Sail for combined train and ship tickets from any station in the Netherlands to London via Hoek van Holland and Harwich. Other useful ferry routes to the north and east of England:

Try Direct Ferries for a full list of ferry routes from France, Spain and Belgium.

Train travel within the UK

Click here for domestic train information and 10 percent off the cheapest tickets. Please check the restrictions for different ticket types carefully! Tickets from London and similar distances need to be purchased well in advance (bookings normally open 12 weeks in advance), as they get expensive nearer to the date of travel.

East Coast trains run every 30 minutes for most of the day, with train-specific fares starting from £10 each way to/from London. Alternatively, try Grand Central: they operate only 3 or 4 trains per day, but their trains are more comfortable and you can buy flexible tickets on the train for £39 single or £69 return; print-at-home tickets from the website cost about £5 less.

The flexible off-peak return ticket from London valid on East Coast and Grand Central services is called a "Super Off Peak Return": this costs £83.70 and can be bought online as well as from the station on the day of travel.

If travelling from Europe by train, an InterRail ticket might be the most economical option: just buy the minimum number of days you need. If you are flying into the UK and intend to spend some extra time seeing the country, BritRail could be the pass for you.

Bus (coach) travel within the UK

National Express runs the domestic bus (coach) network. London to York will take at least five hours, compared to two hours by train. However, it may be worth it if you can get a National Express FunFares bargain, as low as £1 from London. FunFares are only available online and the earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the lowest prices.

Air travel

The nearest airport is Leeds-Bradford International Airport, but Manchester International Airport is larger and therefore has more options for overseas arrivals. It is also more convenient, with a rail station at the airport and direct trains to York, usually every 30 minutes, and taking 1 hour 45 minutes. The London airports are also an option.

Within York

Once in York, all the main facilities used by conference participants will be located within easy walking distance, thanks to the compact nature of York’s city centre. A bus or bicycle will be useful for some of the excursions, and for those with a home stay.

Please contact if you'd like further assistance.

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 This page was last updated 17 October 2011